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Which one of the following does not contain water in alkali crystallization?
1. Baking soda
2. Blue vitriol
3. Washing soda
4. Gypsum

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Correct Answer - Option 1 : Baking soda

The correct answer is Baking soda.

  • Baking soda does not contain water of crystallization.
  • The water of crystallization means having a fixed number of molecules present in one formula of a unit of salt. 
    • e.g ​Blue vitriol (CuSO4.5H20)
  • The chemical formula of baking soda is NaHCO3.
    • Its formula does not show any association with water molecules.
  • Baking soda is commercially manufactured on a large scale by the ammonia-soda Solvay process, named after Ernest Solvay, a Belgian industrial chemist.
  • Nahcolite is naturally occurring sodium bicarbonate, and is extracted by "solution mining".

  • The other three options contain water of crystallization.
    • Blue vitriol (CuSO4.5H20)
    • Washing soda (Na2CO3 .1OH2O)
    • Gypsum (CaSO4.2H20)
  • Baking soda is white amorphous powder whereas blue vitriol, and washing soda are salts.

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