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What is the PIV across each diode of a bridge rectifier with a secondary voltage of 20 V rms? 

a. 14.1 V 

b. 20 V 

c. 28.3 V 

d. 34 V

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The correct answer is: (c) 28.3 V

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Since we know that Vp(2)  = 20Vrms and that PIV stands for the peak inverse voltage, we have to find an answer that is in peak voltage.  We also know that for a bridge rectifier (and for full wave rectifiers) that PIV = Vp(2) so all that we need to do is convert the 20Vrms to peak voltage:

Vpeak = \(\sqrt(2)\)Vrms -> \(\sqrt(2)\)*20Vrms = 28.3Vpeak

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